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Who are we ? Our heritage

Hello, fellow readers!

Nwe are Maxime and Alexandra, the founders of Omineral-France.

Caregivers by profession, we decided to turn to Lithotherapy because we felt a lack in traditional medicine...

Indeed, before being keen on naturopathy and alternative medicine, we benefited from several years of theoretical and practical training centered on the management of pathologies as diverse as they are varied.

Our History

After a few years in an antiquated hospital system, we felt frustrated and tired.

When we reached the age of 30, we were out of the game...

Pain, low back pain and chronic fatigue were part of our daily lives.

That's whenwe turned to forms of alternative and holistic medicine, of which Lithotherapy is currently one.

On the one hand, we find the stones very pleasant to wear on a daily basis and on the other hand, we have seen their benefits on our general condition.

Convinced, we continued to study the stones and their respective benefits.

The birth of a will

Then, a few years later, we decided to share this knowledge and this attraction with each of our clients by creating

It was a delicate journey, full of adventures and challenges, but we were motivated to share our discovery with you!

Your feedback

Today, more than 98% of our customers say they are totally satisfied with our stones and our services.

Whether it concerns our speed of response when answering your questions by email, the reliability of our mailings or the drastic selection that we subject our natural stones.

We make every effort every day to satisfy each of our customers whom we take with the utmost seriousness.

Each order is processed by hand in our workshop, the bracelets are crafted and made to measure according to your instructions.

In case of concerns or questions, we can be reached 7 days a week by phone, email or messenger.

If you also want to discover the fruit of our work and try the experience of lithotherapy then embark with us on our adventure and let yourself be tempted by the benefits of minerals!